Bluetooth Radio Connection between Windows XP and Cell Phone - 37 Tutorials


Do you want to learn how to work with Bluetooth connections? Here is a collection of 37 easy-to-follow tutorials on Bluetooth radio connections between Windows XP system and Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone: How to search nearby Bluetooth devices? How to enter passkey to protect Bluetooth connections? How to send and receive picture and music files from and to cell phone? How to share address book entries and calendar events between computer and cell phone?



A collection of 37 tutorials on Bluetooth radio connection between Windows XP system and Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone:

  1. What Is the Bluetooth Technology
  2. Turning On Bluetooth Radio on IBM ThinkPad
  3. Bluetooth Driver Installed on Windows XP System
  4. Testing Bluetooth Device on Windows XP
  5. Network Services Supported by Bluetooth Device
  6. Setting Up Bluetooth Device Discoverable
  7. Changing Bluetooth Device Name
  8. Bluetooth Device Information on Samsung SGH-A777
  9. Setting Up the Bluetooth Device on Samsung SGH-A777
  10. What is "My Bluetooth Places" on my Windows XP system?
  11. Searching Other Bluetooth Devices in "My Bluetooth Places"
  12. Generating PIN Code for Bluetooth Connection
  13. Entering Bluetooth PIN Code on Sumsung Cell Phone
  14. Pairing Failed If Wrong Passkey Is Entered
  15. Creating a Passkey Yourself for a Bluetooth Connection
  16. Entering Bluetooth Passkey on Sumsung Cell Phone
  17. List of Services of a Connected Remote Device
  18. Bluetooth Icon in the System Tray Area
  19. Closing Bluetooth Connections
  20. Initiating Bluetooth Connection from Samsung SGH-A777
  21. Establishing Bluetooth Connection Initiated from Cell Phone
  22. Sending Picture from Laptop to Cell Phone
  23. Saved Pictures on Cell Phone
  24. Sending Music from Laptop to Cell Phone
  25. Saved Music Files on Cell Phone
  26. Sending Picture from Cell Phone to Laptop
  27. Bluetooth Service Used to Send Files from Cell Phone
  28. What Is PIM Item Transfer
  29. Receiving File on Laptop from Cell Phone
  30. Sending Music File from Cell Phone to Laptop
  31. Sending MS Outlook Contact from Laptop to Cell Phone
  32. Register Contact in Address Book on Cell Phone
  33. Sending Address Book Contact from Cell Phone to Laptop
  34. Receiving Address Book Contact on Laptop from Cell Phone
  35. Sending MS Outlook Appointment from Laptop to Cell Phone
  36. Register Meeting Invite in Calendar on Cell Phone
  37. Opening Bluetooth Device without Passkey Protection

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