Will windows 8 have an option to choose between metro-style layout and windows default layout?


Hello Microsoft and Microsoft forum users. My question is: Will windows 8 have the option to choose between metro-style layout and windows default layout?

Although this is very important. I know that the Microsoft Windows head-designers want to improve the way windows works. Yes we the users understand that, but just did you (Microsoft) figured out that this metro-thing is not very comfortable on PCs and laptops? My opinion and many other's too is that we must have this option if there is none (haven't found it yet maybe.) to choose between metro-style and default windows layout style.

Thank you Microsoft™ for continuing to impress the world with Windows®. Do not get my question as an offence, I just want to say a word for the better windows.

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While having a choice between running Windows 8 in Metro mode or Windows default mode is a bone of contention between Microsoft and its users, it appears that Microsoft have still not given into to user pressure on this one.

Windows 8 is due to be RTM's (released to Manufacturer) by the end of July with an approximate RTW (Release to web) by around October. We only have around 2 more weeks before RTM so I cannot see any major changes to the Windows 8 interface. The RP (release preview) has basically been used to rectify any remaining 'major' bugs. Nothing in the general design is likely to be changed at this point.

It is a pity, really, because even I would have preferred the option to change from Metro to Windows default.

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