MacBook Pro feezing/hard lock at random intervals - behavior in RP same as CP


I've been pleased with Windows 8 with one serious exception. On my MacBook Pro (mid-2009), the system will freeze up at seemingly random times. Nothing is written to the system logs and there is no STOP error to look at. I am very concerned that there is a hardware fault in the entire line of MacBooks as I've read numerous accounts of this happening.

Right now I am refreshing the installation. My hope is that the NVIDIA drivers I installed for the graphics or Boot Camp drivers may be making things worse. At the very least, I will see if a baseline configuration makes any difference.

This is really a show stopper. Again, my gut tells me that there is some hardware design flaw that isn't normally encountered in OS X.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd post more information, but unfortunately this is very random, but unfortunately recurrent. Thanks for reading.

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The freeze problem with my Mac is now solved. The one who work was the command "bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes" on an elevated command prompt

If you install the hotfix KB2727113, then uninstall it, restart, run the command, restart

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