Windows 8 beta has caused my computer to be INOPERABLE and Microsoft will offer no technical help! They say it is not available!


I downloaded the Beta version of Windows 8 beta version. My computer now is asking for a password. None of mine work. Microsoft is telling mt, too bad, it is Beta. Microsoft has NO live technical support for this!!!
Th Geek Squad has come to my house and Cannot resolve the issue!
I am screwed, thanks to my utter stupidity in downloading the Beta. NO NOT DO IT?
I am sick and tired of Microsoft. They have taken advantage of me and will offer NO help.
Can anyone think of a solution? I cannot get past the screen asking for a password.

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Win 8 shouldnt have a password unless you installed it.
You can always re-install the previous OS.
Dont forget MS has warnings on the download page.

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