Can't sign in to my online banking. My computer gets stuck in verification mode.


Signing in on my computer that doesn't run 8 works just fine. So must be windows eight that is causing the problem.

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It is not Windows 8 specifically but IE10. Websites are very specific with their website coding to only authorize specific browsers. IE10, which is included with Windows 8, is not on that list. So you will have to use a different browser or compatibility mode within the desktop version of IE10 in order to get access to your site.

Some Banks do also check the OS in use and prevent Preview OS's such as Windows 8 from being used, since they are not final release products but testing products.

All of this falls directly on the Bank and their website. They want to make sure that you are on a secure connection and browser in order to do what you want with your online banking. This is a security measure in place by them. You will have to do as suggested above or wait for your bank to allow Windows 8.

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