What to do if a Windows Store app incorrectly claims it meets accessibility requirements


Many Windows Store apps claim to meet accessibility requirements. This means it is possible to accomplish all tasks within the app using only a keyboard, or that the app is compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers, Magnifier, high contrast themes, or high dpi settings. Customers can filter their search within Windows Store so that they only see apps with support for these accessibility features.

What should I do if I find an app that makes such a claim, but in my experience does NOT support basic accessibility features?

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If you find a Windows Store app that appears to be making false accessibility claims, we encourage you to alert the app developer, its customers, and/or Microsoft through one or more of the following means:

· Contact the app developer directly. You can usually find the app developer’s contact information on the app’s Overview tab in the Windows Store.

· Rate and review the app. Please provide specific, constructive, and actionable feedback in your review. There are several methods for reviewing an app:
1. Open the app’s information within Windows Store, and select the Write a review link located in the left pane.
2. With the app open, press the Windows Logo key + C to access the charms, and select Settings. Then select Rate and review.
3. If an existing review already exists in the app’s Reviews tab within Windows Store that warns of accessibility problems, you can support it by marking the review as helpful.

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