Transfer files from xp pc to windows8 pc


How do I transfer files from my old xp to my new Windows 8 pc. I know windows 8 does not have easy transfer

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There are several choices. Here are a few ways:

1. E-mail the data from the old machine and read it on the new one.

2. Network the two machines and transfer the data over the network.

3. Remove the drive from the old computer and install it temporarily (or even permanently) in the new computer or in an external USB case.

4. Use floppies and span the larger files over several diskettes using

a file splitting program (or any standard zip utility, which can also do this).

5. Copy the files to CDs

6. Copy the files to a USB thumb drive.

Which of these is best for you depends on several things: how much data you have to transfer, whether you plan to keep the old computer, whether you are willing to spend a few dollars for a thumb drive if you don't have one, etc.

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