Is there any way to EASILY adjust the text size in the Microsoft news app in Windows 8?


I have Windows 8 installed on my desktop and while I don't have a touch screen I still would like to be able to use some of the offered apps like Microsoft News. I really like the way the app functions but I find that the text is just too small for my 64 year old eyes to read easily. I want to be able to make the text larger without having to change everything on my computer to do it. Is there a way to zoom in small increments like I do in Firefox? Judging by what I read on the internet I am not the only person who has problems with text size in the Windows 8 apps.

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Right click on the app when you've opened an article and change the text size on the buttons that appear in the app bar.

I think it might only affect the article view, but better than nothing.

This did not work for me as there was no option for resizing the text when I right clicked. It did however start me thinking about the magnifier that comes with Windows 8. I activated it and it does work. I have to turn it on each time I want to use it but that is minor. I am able to adjust the text to 125% on up in 25% increments. A little cumbersome but it works and it is temporary.

While reading an article in the news app the right click then change the Text size (at the bottom of the screen) worked fine for me, and it "stuck".

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