Is there a portable payment app like Square or Go-Pay for Windows Surface?


We would rather have the Surface than an Ipad, but need to use a credit card reader like Square or other with it. What kind of portable payment app will work with the Surface?

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It may require a subscription/contract, not sure.

Quickbooks Point of Sale system is supposed to work with it as well, but requires you to purchase the POS software (starts @ ~$1100)

Lack of a Square app is what is preventing me from purchasing a Samsung Ativ tablet and a Windows Phone 8 device. I want to purchase both but I don't want to have to carry around an android or iphone just to process credit card payments. It's sad how 1 app may prevent me from buying the devices I prefer =\.

There IS rumor that Square and Paypal Here will be around soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath for Square. There is a petition available begging them for it, and they seem to have no interest.

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