Games running slow on windows 8


I recently purchased a new computer that came with Windows 8. I currently enjoy the new computer but i have a big issue. I used to own a really old computer that came with windows 7 as its operating system, whenever i would play my games they would run really poorly like GTAIV, TF2 and Mass Effect, games around the 2008 era. On this new computer which has overall much better specs then the last doesn't run these games much better at all. I want to know if this is an issue with Windows 8, and i would appreciate any help

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Hardware specifications of the Windows 8 system? Amount of memory, video card make and model, processor (at least the speed and number of cores), etc.?

The CPU could be harming you somewhat:

You should download and install the latest video card driver:

Beyond that - would you mind posting your Windows Experience Index scores after you upgrade the video card drivers?

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