How can I color code my events on the Calendar App for Windows 8?


Trying to color code the events on my Calendar App but I can't figure it out. In my case it's for my classes so I can automatically tell by the color.

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I've now seen two questions on this subject and both are not being answered correctly. I, too, want to color different appointments on the same Windows 8 calendar, for example: birthdays in red; business appointments in blue, medical appointments in green, etc. I have reached the conclusion that Microsoft didn't consider this when they created the calendar app; hope 8.1 has a solution. How ironic that I could download a calendar program in Windows 7 and achieve the results I described above!

I have different calendars for different types of appointments. You can create new calendars in Win8, 8.1 and 10 as well. Each calendar can be color coded. I have meetings in blue, doctor in red, and so on. You should create one calendar for each class. When you create a new appointment, make sure you select the right calendar from the list. In the visualization of the calendar, you will be able to select which calendars to show if you have too many calendars showing up at the same time.

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