"ibmpmsvc.exe" Process on Windows 8


What is the "ibmpmsvc.exe" process on Windows 8? Is the "ibmpmsvc.exe" process a virus? Can I terminate the "ibmpmsvc.exe" process?

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"ibmpmsvc.exe - ThinkPad Power Management Service" process for "ThinkPad PM Service" is the power management driver for IBM (Lenovo) laptops. It provides support for the use of four keys on the Thinkpad keyboard with blue key tops - F2, F3, F4 & F12 to control standby and hibernate functions.

On the Processes tab of "Task Manager", "ibmpmsvc.exe" process may be listed as:

Image Name    PID  User Name   Memory  Description

ibmpmsvc.exe  776  SYSTEM      352 K   ThinkPad Power Management Service

Additional information about "ibmpmsvc.exe" process:

Command line:
Started by: services.exe

Files used:

Registry keys:
   HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager

"ibmpmsvc.exe" process is not a virus. You can terminate "ibmpmsvc.exe" process or stop "ThinkPad PM Service". But you will lose the power management quick keys.


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