Removing SearchEnh1.dll - United Online (NetZero) Browser Search Enhancements


How to remove SearchEnh1.dll - DLL file - United Online (NetZero) Browser Search Enhancements?



SearchEnh1.dll is installed as part of the NetZero Dialup package. SearchEnh1.dll is the Browser Search Enhancements module produced by United Online (NetZero).

If you want to remove SearchEnh1.dll to reduce security risk, you can follow this tutorial:

0. Close all IE Browser windows.

1. Run File Explore and go to C:\Program Files\NZSearch directory

2. Double click on Uninstall.exe. The NetZero Search Enhancements v2.0 Uninstall dialog box shows up.

3. Click the Uninstall button. Finish up the uninstallation process.

SearchEnh1.dll and other NetZero Search Enhancements related files should be removed now.


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