Removing YAHOOM~1.EXE or YahooMessenger.exe from Startup Program List


How to remove YAHOOM~1.EXE or YahooMessenger.exe from startup program list?



If you want to remove YAHOOM~1.exe from the startup program list, you should follow this tutorial:

1. Click Start > Programs > Yahoo! Messenger > Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo Messenger Log in window shows up.

2. Login to your Yahoo account.

3. Click Messenger menu, then select Preferences. The preferences dialog box shows up.

4. Click the General category. Uncheck the "Automatically start Yahoo! Messenger" checkbox. Check the "Sign out of Messenger when I close the main window" checkbox.

5. Click OK to save the changes. YAHOOM~1.exe should be removed from the startup program list now.

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