How to disable Vista Themes (Skins)?


How to disable Vista Themes (Skins)? Themes makes your Vista desktop look beautiful. But it takes too much CPU and memory resources of the computer to run it. So can I disable Vista Themes to make my computer run faster?

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Steps to disable Vista Themes:

1. Click the Windows shortcut key or Vista Orb button to bring up the Vista Start menu.

2. Click the "Control Panel" to open the Control Panel.

3. Double click the "Administrative Tools" to get the list of administrative tools.

4. Double click the "Services" to run the Service MMC (Microsoft Management Console).

5. Scroll down the service list to locate "Themes" and double click the name. The Themes service properties dialog box shows up.

6. Click the "Stop" button. You desktop Theme will go away. Your new Vista system will look like an old XP system. But your computer will run much fater now.

7. Select "Disable" from the "Startup type" dropdown list and click OK to close the properties box. Vista Themes is disabled now. Enjoy the fast speed of your computer!

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