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Windows "refresh" command
Hi I want to know which processes, services, etc in Windows are refreshed when we do 'refresh' from right-clicking on Windows Desktop or at Windows Explorer or elsewhere. Please give list of items that are refreshed. Thanks a lot Regards Umer
2008-08-15, 8854🔥, 0💬

need help to reenable process alg.exe to me strat up
how can i reenable alg.exe i do not see it anymore in the start up please help !!!! to reenable alg.exe :(
2008-09-21, 6269🔥, 0💬

C: Drive Authorization settings?
What should the C: Drive permission be set to? System, with Admin & users? or Administrator? with System and users added with full privileges? I had an x-employee who thought he was our IT guy and changed the permissions on a desk top. I'm no IT guy either but I Know enough to be very dangerous ...
2013-12-02, 4516🔥, 0💬

can i uninstall windows 10 and get windows 7 back without paying for it
i upgraded to the free windows 10 from windows 7 and i absolutely hate windows 10. nothing is compatible with it and it just really is a waste of time.... Can i uninstall windows 10 somehow and reinstall windows 7 and if so is it free???
2016-03-21, 3156🔥, 2💬

💬 2016-03-21 anonymous: See the information on the following Microsoft link, which explains all your optionsthe microsoft webpage, go to support, then u...

💬 2016-03-21 anonymous: Unfortunately, they neglect to tell you that you have 30 days to uninstall and revert to your previous OS, as all your data is s...

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