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can i uninstall windows 10 and get windows 7 back without paying for it
i upgraded to the free windows 10 from windows 7 and i absolutely hate windows 10. nothing is compatible with it and it just really is a waste of time.... Can i uninstall windows 10 somehow and reinstall windows 7 and if so is it free???
2016-03-21, 2861👍, 2💬

💬 2016-03-21 anonymous: See the information on the following Microsoft link, which explains all your optionsthe microsoft webpage, go to support, then u...

💬 2016-03-21 anonymous: Unfortunately, they neglect to tell you that you have 30 days to uninstall and revert to your previous OS, as all your data is s...

A program called ( default) only visible on the admins list
I have a program called (Default) with no description as to what it is for. Listed in the administrators version only of programs to run at start up. Windows 7- 64 bit home premium version service pack 1 installed. I am wondering what this is? If I need it to run my computer? I suspect it could be a...
2015-07-27, 15943👍, 3💬

💬 2015-07-27 BJ: It wont let me disable it and my malware and avg wont pick it up

💬 2014-05-28 Soft Cunt For Using this Sight!: Where are the Answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

💬 2014-03-24 Another Guest: I have this EXACT same issue, same System (2-23-14)

alps pointing device vaio windows 7 64 bit
in device manager driver is hidden. code 24 it shows. it is not working . what is solution
2014-08-11, 2616👍, 0💬

bios settings Windows 7 Home Premium
Could anyone tell me how the Bios settings should be? and why I cant change the drive order> Thanks
2013-12-02, 4247👍, 0💬

Windows cannot complete installation
We got a new HP laptop home, plugged it all in, turned it on, it beeped once as per norm and started loading windows, then moved onto a screen that said "Setup is preparing your computer for first use". It'll do that for a couple of seconds before a little dialog box comes up and says something alon...
2010-11-24, 7730👍, 0💬

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