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Will the answers for Windows 7 work for Windows 8?
I have no problem booting up my new Gateway desktop with Windows 8 but when I try to access many of the programs I am asked for an administrators password. I don't have one and never did. What now? Are you using a local account without Administrator privileges? The first user account you create when...
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How to inser a photo or logo in an email.
When I write an email I will like to insert the logo of my business or a photo. Using outlook....................... Then just drag the file containing the picture to the message window.
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Mouse will not work after installing Windows 8 pro.Why?
Windows Vista upgraded to Windows 8 pro. Mouse continually stops working and computer "restarts". Is there an answer to this problem? Mouse always worked before Windows 8 was installed. Have installed Windows 8 pro two times and still the same. Everything that was on Windows Vista is gone! Clean sta...
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Program caused Windows to stop working
If the computer is not used for a while (2-3 hrs) a band comes up showing a program has caused Windows to stop working. I have had this quite a few times. What causes it? Sent the details to Microsoft as requested every time but it keeps happening. I have a few questions first, to get a clear pictur...
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How to list all users on Windows 8 welcome screen (not Pro).
I have 2 others users on my PC. I have deleted them and reconnected them several times trying to get the Start page to recognize them. When I go to the Start page and click on my picture all I get is the box saying "Lock, Sign Out, and Change Account Picture". I cannot get Windows 8 to recognize the...
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product key.
Bought HP ALL IN ONE windows 8 desk top, can not find the product key no where. If your HP came with WIn 8 pre-installed your product key (which is tied to hardware) has its key embedded in BIOS. There is no longer a COA sticker. You can try a 3rd party app like AIDA64 to find it for you but it is e...
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i put a new motherboard in my pc and windows 8 says it got to be actavated
Can some one help me I put new motherboard in my tower it was on windows 8 it now says ive got to activate windows 8 how do I do that if I have,nt got product key ive got windows 7 disc then up graded to windows 8 then the motherboard went down when I got it up and run with new motherboard that's wh...
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Difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8 pro?
I was just wondering what differece there are between windows 8 normal and windows 8 pro. I did not even notice that there is a normal edition of windows 8. what are the differences. is windows 8 pro faster, more sturdy or what? http://windows.microsoft.com/e n-GB/windows/compareMain differences, Wi...
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Transfer windows to new computer?
I am planning to build a computer and am wondering how, if possible to transfer my upgrade copy of windows 8 to the new computer. Any tips are appreciated! Yes, you can, but the computer you are transferring to must have a previous qualifying license (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7). You will also n...
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do I need an administrator password to restore, refresh, or reset if I am the only user?
I am the sole user of a Windows 8 desktop. I do not need an administrator password for normal usage. If I need to use the recovery discs will I be asked for an administrator password during the process? If you are the sole user of the computer, then you are likely the Administrator. Once you are log...
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from win 8 to win 7 , do I have to reformat the hard drive?
I need to down grade my windows 8, 64 to windows 7, 32 . Do I have to reformat my hard drive? No, you don't. The clean installation of Windows 7 32-bit takes care of disk preparation.. If your computer started life with Windows 7 32-bit, use the recovery partition to revert back..
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Missing Update for Windows Defender
When checking my Update History, I discovered that that one update was listed as 'Failed' - specifically 12 May 2013 KB2267602 Definition 1.149.1787.0 for Windows Defender. When I select 'Check for updates' in the hope that the failed update will be re-offered, it doesn't appear, and has not appeare...
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How do I delete the "Title" data from my mp3s?
Security shows I have full control, modify, read & execute, read, write all allow. I navigate to Details and click 'Remove Properties and Personal Information'. I choose 'Remove the following properties from this file:' and select "Title" and click OK. Nothing happens. When I return to the Prope...
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This keeps popping up when I turn on pc...do you know how I can fix this problem and what it is? It's malware. Read-- http://www.mcafee.com/threat-i ntelligence/malware/default.as px?id=13735Run your security programs. You can also download Malwarebytes free and you can use it even if you have Window...
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Network Device Network!!!!!!!!! Networking Ethernet Wireless Adapter NIC
WAN Miniport (Network Monitor) #2 ROOT\MS_NDISWANBH\0001 This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. Not working for windows 8 Pro any ideas????? Why no driver for this device???? What is the exact and complete error cade you get? Device Mana...
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Windows 8 Pro reports the following error SBDDesktop.exe
Windows 8 Pro reports the following error SBDDesktop.exe and closes the programme. Programme works fine on a computer running windows 7. The programme SAGE 2013 is according to Microsoft compatible with windows 8. I have reinstalled the programme and downloaded Windows updates Did you try to run the...
2013-05-16, 3953👍, 0💬

How to use cmd as administrator??
I was trying to use sfc/scannow command in cmd prompt, but i get message 'ou must be an administrator running a console session in order to use sfc utility' i have checked in control panel>users account ; it shows as admin but then why m not able to use cmd as administrator? Right-click the lower le...
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Using the new start menu/screen as the desktop?
Setting up the new Windows 8 for my parents. They really like the start menu screen that displays the apps. Is there any way to treat this screen/menu as you would typically use the desktop whereas you have the capability to save files and whatnot to it? I'd like to set this up so the start screen i...
2013-05-15, 1961👍, 0💬

Help with Toshiba e Studio 230 drivers, windows 8 can not print
I tried every thing to print from HP DV2000 with windows 8 . Who I can have help with this problem. Thanks for any help You must get the win 8 printer drivers and software from the printer maker's web site if there are any available. Look up the printer HERE to see if you can use it on windows 8.
2013-05-15, 3129👍, 0💬

My login times out after a short time of inactivity. How can I lengthen that time span?
After I log in to Win8, I am automatically logged out after all too short of time of inactivity. How can I lengthen that span? ou might be confusing Sleep with Log out. If you get a password box after sleep that is normal. You are not really logged out, just protected from others users if you are aw...
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How do I download pictures from my camera onto my system
when I plug my camera in so I can download pictures I have taken , nothing happens. I have windows 8. When I had windows 7 a screen would pop up and ask with which program did I want to open my pics in. We can configure the Auto play settings for the camera so that it automatically opens or imports ...
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Creating ringtones for IPhone
Finally after editing the song...I had to convert the file extension from .m4a to .m4r. to have it as a ringtone on Itunes... At the last stage the tutorial says :'' If you can't see the extension, it's because Windows is set to hide the extensions. To show the extension for editing, follow the bla ...
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Can Windows 8 Charms be supressed while playing games?
I am a new user of Windows 8. The charms keep jumping out even when my cursor is not very near the edges when I am playing a game or working a puzzle. This interferes with the game/puzzle and affects the completion time. Sorry if this question seems stupid, I am not a computer geek as you can tell. ...
2013-05-13, 1906👍, 0💬

Reinstall Windows 8 Software Development Kit?
I downloaded this and the installation failed, however now whenever I run the setup for the SDK it says that it is installed and is the most recent version. I can confirm the install failed and there is no other options for reinstalling, repairing, uninstalling, etc. Does anyone know how to get arou...
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