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Win 8 Apps not working
I noticed on another thread that somebody fixed their issue by updating Avast. I tried this and it worked straight away. Lets try putting your computer in a Clean boot this will let us know if a 3rd party program could be causing this issue. From the desktop: Press the Windows key +R In the Run box ...
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Windows 8 Media Center Pack not got email with key
I purchased Windows 8 Pro Upgrade today and installed windows 8 pro I see that Windows 8 Media Center Pack is free and gave my email for product key Its been over 5 hours now and no email has been sent and I see online that lot of people have had same problem and they also have not got email with pr...
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How to install windows 8 on a windows 7 tablet
I've installed windows 7 on to a blank desktop PC before but I've never installed on OS onto a PC that all ready has one. Say I got my self a Tablet running windows 7 with the system requirements to run windows 8. Is it simple with on screen instructions to download and install windows 8 off the Mic...
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How to clean install Windows 8
f Microsoft is only selling upgrade versions of Windows 8, how am I supposed to do a clean install? You can still do a clean install! Rather than reformatting your drive before you start, however, you’ll use the setup program to do the task. Here’s how: If you are running a previous version of Windo...
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maximum Win8 installations
Is there a maximum number of times I can install & activate Win8 on the same computer? I assembled my own computer and installed Win8Pro. After the first installation, I installed Intel Small Business Advantage. I think the Intel app has pretty long tentacles because the Office 2010 installation...
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Fujitsu TH700 Tablet Computer with Windows
I have a Fujitsu TH700 Tablet Computer with Windows 8, The Screen orientation button hasn't worked since installing windows 8. The screen dims and brightens randomly and is not as sharp as it was with Windows 7. Where can I find drivers to repair; Screen clarity and Screen orientation? I understand ...
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How to remove pinned items from the Start screen?
Recently downloaded Windows 8 and fin searching some help items hard to find. Sometimes I upload tablets to my start screen but cannot find how to remove them if I find I do not need them. I would appreciate if someone could help. You can right click on them and select Uninstall from the menu bar wh...
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adi 4200 driver conflict on windows 8
I get a visual c++ runtime library error. i researched and thye said it is the graphic card needing update ATI HD 4200. I searched for a patch or fix but no luck even on the AMD AIT site. any suggestions? Maybe you need to reinstall those libraries. What VC++ version is it complaining about? Once yo...
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Unable to install any Apps because of the group policy set by the system administrator
When I log in with users created locally while the computer is not joined to a domain everything works great. I join the computer to the domain and log in as the domain admin, add domain users with administrative privledges on the local system .. While logged in as the domain user I try to open a ap...
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Incorrect "My location" displayed in the Maps App
When I use the Maps app, "My location" is not accurate To correct the location in the Maps App, you should ensure the location services are turned on, to do this, follow the steps below: Step 1: Make sure that Allow apps to use my location is turned on. a. Press the Windows + C to activate the charm...
2012-11-06, 6347👍, 0💬

No apps will start in the new Windows user interface (UI)
I just finished upgrading from Windows 7, and apps will not start in the new Windows user interface (UI). f you had a 3-party antivirus program on your PC when you upgraded, you can possibly resolve your problem by uninstalling and reinstalling your antivirus program. As a next step, try running the...
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Cannot change drive in file history windows 8
I seem unable to change the external drive that file history is meant to use. I changed the drive volume name and size slightly, however I get the following errors: 1. It keeps showing the previous external drive details, with "unknown error" below it 2. When I try to select another drive, I get an ...
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Reinstalling Windows 8 in new Harddrive
So I recently found out that my laptop harddrive is failing. I also have recently gotten a windows 8 key through dreamspark and installed W8 on my failing harddrive without knowing. Could I re-install windows 8 on a new harddrive using that windows 8 key without problems? There are no absolute guara...
2012-11-02, 3518👍, 0💬

ReCycle Bin
Upgraded from Vista to Windows 8. I cannot find my recycle bin. It is suppose to be on the left hand corner of the desk top, but it ain't there. How do I find it and put on my desk top ?? Recycle bin only shows on the classic desktop. If you do not see it, it may be arranged off-screen. RIGHT CLICK ...
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How can I change the city on the Weather page .
How do I change the Weather page to stay on my home page. It is not the city that I live in. Every time I change it, it goes back to the original. It is driving me crazy going back and forth every time. Step 1: I would suggest you to run “App Troubleshooter” to diagnose the exact issue. Refer the fo...
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Intel(R) Network Connections is not compatible
'm trying to upgrade my Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8. I used Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant and I reviewed the list. Apparently, it seems to be all OK except for one thing which is Intel(R) Network Connections I clicked the link for help but I couldn't get anything useful. I googled t...
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wds and client's IP configuration
when re-imaging a machine using WDS, I need to keep same IP configuration for the client, how can I do that. machine has Static IPs, after re-imaging it reverts to DHCP. Since you are using Windows Deployment services in a business environment, please repost your question in the TechNet ITPRO forums...
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TV Tuner error messages
I can’t watch TV or recorded media in Windows Media Center, because I get a “Tuner not found” error. How do I fix this? If you get the “Tuner not found” error, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the tuner driver. Note that you may need to check the website of the tuner’s manufacturer to obtai...
2012-10-29, 3559👍, 0💬

How do I improve the touch sensitivity on my PC
How do I improve the touch sensitivity on my PC 1. Adjust the pen and touch settings in the Control Panel: · Swipe in from the right edge and tap Search. Type Control Panel and tap on the search result. · Tap Hardware and Sound. · Tap Pen and Touch. Depending on your device, you may see a variety o...
2012-10-29, 21034👍, 0💬

How to add Weather app notifications to the lock screen
Weather app notifications are not appearing on the lock screen. I went to PC Settings and added the Weather app to the list of lock screen apps in the Personalize pane, but this had no effect. The lock screen looks the same as it did before. There are two settings for lock screen apps in the Persona...
2012-10-26, 4314👍, 0💬

How do I change the Weather app from Fahrenheit to Celsius
My Weather app is displaying temperatures in Fahrenheit. How do I change them to Celsius? To change the temperature to Celsius, 1. Open the Weather app. 2. Reveal the app options by right-clicking within the app, or by swiping up if you are using a touch device. 3. In the bottom-right corner, tap or...
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Where can I check on the status of an outage for a Microsoft web service?
Where can I check on the status of an outage for a Microsoft web service? For current service status, please visit https://status.live.com. Please login with your Microsoft Account to get more specific status pertaining to your service.
2012-10-25, 2436👍, 0💬

Can I add a mail account using POP?
Can I add a mail account using POP? The Mail app currently supports e-mail services that use Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), including Hotmail and Gmail. There's currently no support built into the Mail app for POP.
2012-10-25, 2712👍, 0💬

My Fluenz Spanish software won't work with Windows 8?
My Fluenz Spanish software won't work. It says it installs but it won't run. It freezes at the start up window of the program. It shows an icon in the Start window and a shortcut on the desktop and it is listed under programs under computer but it does not show up in the install/uninstall programs w...
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