What Product Key must I use for Windows 8 Preview during setup


After downloading an ISO and creating a boot device the setup of Windows 8 Release Preview starts.
During the initial setup it keeps asking for a Product Key
I found this answer already on the Forum,
You can use the following product key to activate the Windows 8 Release Preview:
>Product Key: TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF
But the message returned is:
We couldn't verify the product key. Try entering it again.
Where do I get the correct Product Key for Windows 8 Release Preview.

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If you install Windows 8 Consumer Preview using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup program, you won't need to enter a product key—the setup program automatically provides the product key. If you create installation media, start your PC from the media, and then install Windows 8 Consumer Preview. You'll need to enter this product key:NF32V-Q9P3W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8.

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