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Yahoo Installer Manager
How to removed Yahoo Installer Manager? the method you recommended do not work.
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Internet Explorer (IE) 7 Cookie File Location
Where Is the Internet Explorer 7 Cookie File Stored on My Computer? Internet Explorer (IE) 7 is storing some cookies to your computer hard disk as cookie files. Those cookie files are stored in this directory: C:\Documents and Settings\$user\Cookies. Cookie files are organized as one cookie file per...
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Checking Internet Explorer (IE) Version
How do I know which version of Internet Explorer (IE) is on my computer? If you want to know which version of Internet Explorer (IE) is running on your computer system, you can follow this tutorial: 1. Run Internet Explorer (IE). 2. Go to menu Help and select "About Internet Explorer". Or go to Sett...
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Downloading Internet Explorer (IE)
How to download Internet Explorer (IE)? If you want to download a copy of Internet Explorer (IE), go to microsoft.com/windows/ie/downl oads/default.mspx. Follow the instructions to download the correct version of IE for you Windows system.   ⇒ Checking Internet Explorer (IE) Version ⇐ What Is Inter...
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What Is Internet Explorer (IE)
What Is Internet Explorer (IE)? Internet Explorer (IE) is a Web browser developed by Microsoft. IE is based on based on NCSA Mosaic developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Versions of IE: IE 11.0 - Released in 2013 IE 10.0 -...
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McAfee VirusScan Detecting Exploit-ObscuredHtml Trojan Web Pages
What are Exploit-ObscuredHtml Trojan Web Pages? If you have McAfee VirusScan installed, sometimes you may get virus warning windows saying that a Web page in Internet Explorer temporary file directory was deteced as Exploit-ObscuredHtml. The warning window also says: Move failed (Clean failed becaus...
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How To Remove VSAdd-in.dll and VSAdd-in Toolbar
How to remove VSAdd-in.dll and VSAdd-in toolbar? If you want to remove VSAdd-in toolbar from your IE browser, you can use HiJackThis: 1. Download and install HiJackThis . 2. Run HiJackThis and click the "Do a system scan only" button. 3. On scan result report, check the check box for two lines below...
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Removing Spyware
How do I remove spyware? One of the best ways to remove spyware is to use an automated antispyware product, such as Windows Defender, which scans and deletes spyware from your computer. For more ideas about how to remove spyware, see How to get rid of spyware. .
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How can I help prevent spyware
How can I help prevent spyware? You can help prevent spyware with a combination of technology and common sense. Software products, such as Windows Defender, can help protect your computer by watching for spyware trying to install itself or run on your computer. Windows Defender and other antispyware...
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Can I get spyware without knowing it
Can I get spyware without knowing it? Yes, some spyware can be installed from a Web site directly. However, if you keep Windows up to date and don't reduce your security settings, you can minimize the threat. Some spyware is installed through Web pop-up windows or free software that requires you to ...
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Where does spyware come from
Where does spyware come from? Spyware can be installed by Web sites, downloaded programs, or a program you might install from a CD-ROM or floppy disk. Spyware is most commonly installed through free software, such as file sharing programs, screen savers, or search toolbars.
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spyware on my computer
How can I tell if I have spyware on my computer? You might have some form of spyware on your computer if: • . You notice new toolbars, links, or favorites that you did not want or place in your Web browser. . Your default home page, mouse pointer, or search program changes. • . You type the address ...
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What is spyware? Spyware is software that can display advertisements (such as pop-up ads), collect information about you, or change settings on your computer, generally without appropriately obtaining your consent. For more information, see What is spyware. ?
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Remove Windows Defender
How do I remove Windows Defender? To remove Windows Defender from Windows 2000 or Windows XP: 1. On the Start menu, point to All Programs, and then click Windows Defender. 2. Exit Windows Defender. (Click the arrow next to the help icon and point to Exit Windows Defender). 3. On the Start menu, clic...
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The voting network reports
How are the voting network reports used? The voting network reports are used to improve Microsoft software and services. The reports might also be used for statistical or other testing or analytical purposes, trending, and signature generation. Microsoft employees, contractors, and vendors who have ...
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The voting network collect
What information does the voting network collect? The voting network collects information in a report about the file in question, such as the file name, and the action that you chose to take (to block or allow). When Windows Defender sends the report to the voting network it also sends standard comp...
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Join the voting network?
How do I join the voting network? To join the voting network: 1. Open Windows Defender. (On the Start menu, point to All Programs, and then click Windows Defender.) 2. Click Tools, and then click Microsoft SpyNet. 3. Select the participation level and then click Save.
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the voting network work
How does the voting network work? Because not all software that is detected is spyware, when you see if other users have chosen to block, remove, or allow an item, you can help decide how to respond to a Windows Defender alert. Similarly, if you participate, your choices are reported to the communit...
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Windows Defender voting network
What is the Windows Defender voting network? Anyone who uses Windows Defender can join a worldwide network of users who help discover and report new threats. Microsoft analysts review these reports and develop new software definitions to guard against the new threats, so that everyone is better prot...
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Technical question about Windows Defender
What should I do if I have a technical question about Windows Defender? You can call product support services. Windows Defender comes with two free support incidents, which means you can call Microsoft Help and Support twice at no charge. For more information, see Microsoft Help and Support: Phone S...
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Which operating systems does Windows Defender support
Which operating systems does Windows Defender support? Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later.
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Real-Time Protection
What is Real-Time Protection and how does it help protect me? Real-Time Protection monitors critical checkpoints in Windows. These checkpoints are triggered when programs make changes to your Windows configuration. These changes can occur when you install software on your computer, or they can occur...
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Windows Defender detect cookies
Why doesn’t Windows Defender detect cookies? Does Microsoft plan to detect these in future versions of the software? Many cookies are used for legitimate purposes and Microsoft believes that the appropriate place to manage cookies through your Web browser.
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Windows Defender do when it finds spyware on my computer
What does Windows Defender do when it finds spyware on my computer? Windows Defender displays detailed information about every spyware program detected, which includes a description of the threat, where it is located on your computer, a risk rating, and a recommended action to take. This information...
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