How can I help prevent spyware


How can I help prevent spyware?

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You can help prevent spyware with a combination of technology and common sense. Software products, such as Windows Defender, can help protect your computer by watching for spyware trying to install itself or run on your computer. Windows Defender and other antispyware programs can also scan your system automatically to help find and remove spyware that might already be installed.

You can also help prevent spyware by keeping your Windows operating system up to date. Security updates are often issued to help prevent spyware from being installed without your knowledge. Most new antivirus programs have spyware protection features, and should be kept up to date as well. For more information, see Updating your computer: Frequently asked questions. .

When you visit Web sites, do not automatically agree to download anything the site offers. If you download free software, such as file-sharing programs or screen savers, read the license agreement carefully. Look for clauses in which you must accept advertising and pop-ups from the company, or that the software will send certain information back to the software publisher. For more information, see How to prevent spyware.

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