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How does the voting network work?

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Because not all software that is detected is spyware, when you see if other users have chosen to block, remove, or allow an item, you can help decide how to respond to a Windows Defender alert. Similarly, if you participate, your choices are reported to the community to help other users take action. Community preferences are displayed in Windows Defender as a bar graph that shows the percentage of people who have allowed, blocked, or removed an item.

Spyware is continually developed, so information from the voting network also helps Microsoft determine which software to investigate. For example, if many people remove software that has not yet been classified, Microsoft will analyze it, determine if it is spyware, and then update the spyware definitions for your computer. Spyware definitions act like an ever-growing encyclopedia of known threats. Up-to-date definitions files help Windows Defender detect the latest spyware threats and keep them from infecting your computer. If software is not spyware but operates in a way that might be harmful or unwanted, up-to-date definition files also allow Windows Defender to alert you to potential risks posed by that software. The voting network collects no personal information unless you opt in to advanced participation.

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