Windows Experience: New Hardware Detected everyday?


WEI seems to update daily between 5.0 to 5.3 otherwise, "New hardware detected" text appears in PC info what's with WEI? is it because of latest update?

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This issue could be due to the fact that Windows Experience Index or the settings and files related to it.

Did you make any install any hardware device prior to this issue?

I would suggest you to run the Windows Experience Index assessment again and check if it resolves the issue. You can follow the steps:

Step 1:
Let’s reset Windows Experience Index score. Follow the steps:
Delete all the .xml files in the DataStore

a. Press Windows and R key together. Type the following path in the run box and hit ENTER: SYSTEMROOT%\Performance\WinSat\DataStore

b. Delete all the .xml files in the folder.

Step 2:
Refer to the link to re-run the assessment:

Check if you still receive the same notification. If yes, move ahead with next method.

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