Windows 10 wont recognise my hardware


Windows 10 wont recognize my cd/dvd drive/burner. It tells me to install one. I have tried to download drivers, it tells me I dont have anything to download them to. I cant down load my games from disk because it doesnt say i have one, My bios see mt drive but windows 10 doesnt.

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Usually when you install Windows 10 all the drivers for the hardware gets installed with the operating system files. If you are facing any issues with the drivers installation, then I would suggest you to go to the device manager and right click on the device so that you will have the option to upgrade the drivers. If you are still facing the issue, then you can download the drivers for that particular hardware from the manufacturers website and install in compatibility mode. Also check with the computer manufacturer to see if there are any updated drivers for Windows 10.

Make older programs compatible with this version of Windows

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