What Is Windows PowerShell Background Job


What are Windows PowerShell background jobs?

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A Windows PowerShell background job is an executiong of a Windows PowerShell command detached from the console running in the background.

Windows PowerShell offers the following cmdlets to help you managing background jobs:

  • Start-Job - Starts a background job on a local computer.
  • Get-Job - Gets the background jobs that were started in the current session.
  • Receive-Job - Gets the results of background jobs.
  • Stop-Job - Stops running a background job and keeps it in memory.
  • Wait-Job - Suppresses the command prompt until one or all jobs are complete.
  • Remove-Job - Deletes a background job.
  • Invoke-Command - The AsJob parameter runs any command as a background job on a remote computer. You can also use Invoke-Command to run any job command remotely, including a Start-Job command.


"Start-Job" Cmdlet in Windows PowerShell

Managing Windows PowerShell Background Jobs

Managing Windows PowerShell Background Jobs

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