What Is "055BCCAC9FEC" Malware


What is "055BCCAC9FEC" Malware?

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"055BCCAC9FEC" Malware is a group of harmful programs and Websites that redirects you to fake alerts containing the "055BCCAC9FEC" error code:

Internet Security Alert Code: 055BCCAC9FEC

Internet Security Alert: Your Computer Might Be Infected By Harmful Viruses.
Please Do Not Shut Down or Reset Your Computer.

The following data might be compromised if you continue:
1. Passwords
2. Browser History
3. Credit Card Information
4.Local Hard Disk Files.

These viruses are well known for identity and credit card theft. Further
action on this computer or any other device on your network might reveal 
private information and involve serious risks.

Call Windows Technical Support: (xxx) xxx-xxxx (Toll Free). 

This is a typical tech support scam. Scammers first use a fake alert to lock your computer and play a recorded audio message to scare you and trick you to call the given phone number. If you call them, they will then sell you unnecessary technical support services that supposedly fix the fake issue on your computer.

The proper way to handle "055BCCAC9FEC" Malware is:

  • Don't panic. Shut down your computer first.
  • Restart your computer and do a "Full Scan" for any malicious items with Windows Defender.
  • Do not visit the Website where you saw the fake alert.
  • Do not call the phone number given on the fake alert.
  • Call a friend, or go to a local store, to inspect your computer, if needed.

The picture below shows you a screenshot of a "055BCCAC9FEC" Malwar fake alert:
055BCCAC9FEC Malware Fake Alert Popup


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