YInstStarter - What does it do?


What, exactly, does YInstStarter do? I've had problems before with one or another of Windows updates interfering with some program or application, and I suspect that YInstStarter is another one of these Microsoft things that may be a good idea, but isn't well enough thought out that it doesn't cause problemes with other things I use. I don't use Windows Update anymore because the updates, now, don't have a description or definition of purpose, so I don't trust 'em. I like XP, but am much tempted to switch to another OS because of the trust factor.

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We are not sure what exactly YInstStarter do. But it has been reported to be vulnerable heap overflow attacks in 2003.

YInstStarter is an ActiveX module installed as Downloaded Program Files. If you see it the "Windows\Downloaded Program Files", right Click on it then click Remove to remove it.

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