PHP won't run on Apache


I am running Apache 2.2 on Windows Vista. I have installed PHP 5.3.5 using msi installer php-5.3.5-Win32-VC6-x86. I have confiugred my Apache httpd.conf per your tutorial and I still cannot get phpinfo() to display anything but the code in my browser. When I call http://localhost/test.php in my browser, the window displays:

< ?php phpinfo(); ?>

I'm at my wit's end.. can you help please?

✍: Cate_R

If the browser is showing PHP code, most likely there is an issue in the httpd.conf file. You need review each steps mentioned in the tutorial "Configuring Apache to Use PHP as CGI on Windows Systems".

Also try to run your test.php on the command line to ensure it is working.

If still not working, post your httpd.conf file here.

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