Weird Internet Speed on my Win7 and Win 8 Laptop


I have a dual boot LAptop. A windows 7 and Windows 8. The windows 7 is getting the right internet speed of 3mbps but when i change to windows 8 it only gets <1mbps. I upgraded my line to the 3mbps and somehow Windows 8 isn't getting that the network has been upgraded. I tried to forget the network and rejoin but still the same results. Even tried the Netsh int ip4 reset in cmd and ipconfig /release but to no avail. Any ideas?

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1) Who is the internet service provider?
2) Have you updated the network drivers to the latest?
3) How are you trying to check the internet speed?
4) Is the internet connection wireless or wired?

Try to update the network drivers.
1) Open the Device Manager by Pressing Windows key + R and typing Devmgmt.msc
2) Right click on your network adapter and update.

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