What Are Windows Libraries


What Are Windows Libraries? How many default libraries do I have on my Windows 7? Where are libraries located?

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A Windows Library is a logical container that holds short cuts to file folders. It helps you to organizes your files by file times for quick access.

On a Windows 7 system, you 5 default libraries:

  • Documents - Where all your Word documents and other documents are organized.
  • Music - Where all your music and other audio files are organized.
  • Pictures - Where all your pictures and other image files are organized.
  • Podcasts - Where all your streamed audio and video channels are organized.
  • Videos - Where all your movies and video files are organized.

Don't get confused between Windows Libraries and Media Player Libraries. They are different.

Your default libraries are located under "Desktop > Libraries" in the Windows Explorer as shown below: Default Libraries on Windows 7

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