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I have a Gateway Laptop, model NE56R41u, and it crashed. I got a blue screen saying it was damaged and needed repaired and I need recovery disks. I ordered them from gateway as I didn't make a set when I got the laptop. I ran the disks, there are 5, system disc, recovery disks 1-3, and a language disk. When I get to the end of the 3rd disk it says it loaded 100%. Then the DOS black screen comes and it states it is loading. Then I get this message: Restore Failed - Can not find image. Path:C:/IMAGES_TMPDIR/install.wim. What do I do to fix my laptop? I did this 10 times with same error.

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Well instead of using the Gateway version, you can get the Windows recovery files and do it with the plain Microsoft recovery files instead. The only drawback on this method is that when you're done, you'll need to go to the gateway website and download drivers for your model of PC. Get started here:

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