Why does my laptop keyboard mode keep changing?


Every time I restart or do a power-on startup, Windows 8 resets my keyboard to CMS (Canada Multilingual Standard). Often I don't notice until I try to enter my password and it is not accepted (I included some punctuation, which differs among keyboards).

I always reset my keyboard to my choice (US English), but the next time I restart or do a cold boot, it has reverted to CMS again!

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Please follow the steps to add/remove a language.

a. Press “Win + R” and select “Control Panel”.

b. Select “Language”.

c. Click on the “Options” on the Right Side.

d. Here, you can add an input method.

e. Click on “Add Input Method” and select US- EN to change the Language.

f. You can also view the Preview by clicking “Preview” on the Right Side.

g. Select the remove option at the top of the window to remove the languages that is apart from what you use.

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