Why bluetooth mouse keeps on disconnecting in windows 8?


When I start win8, my bluetooth mouse works perfectly but after awhile, in stop working. I turn the power of the mouse off and turn it on again to make it work again. But after awhile, it stop working again, so I turn the mouse off and on again to make it work. When the mouse stop working, the light of the mouse is still on therefore I know the mouse is still working but the notebook stops responding to the mouse. The touch pad doesn't have any problem. I don't have this problem in win7.

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Uninstall and reinstall the drivers for Mouse and check. Follow the steps.

a) Press Windows+X

b) Select Device Manager

c) In Device Manager, locate the device you want to uninstall, and right-click the device name.

d) Click on Uninstall and restart the computer.

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