IP Helper (iphlpsvc) Service on Windows Server 2012


What is the "IP Helper (iphlpsvc)" system service on Windows Server 2012? Can I disable "IP Helper"?

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"IP Helper (iphlpsvc)" is a Windows Server 2012 service that provides tunnel connectivity using IPv6 transition technologies (6to4, ISATAP, Port Proxy, and Teredo), and IP-HTTPS. If this service is stopped, the computer will not have the enhanced connectivity benefits that these technologies offer.

Detailed information on "IP Helper" service:

Service name: iphlpsvc
Display name: IP Helper
Execution command: 
   C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k NetSvcs
   NetIO Legacy TDI Support Driver
   Network Store Interface Service
   Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
   ICP/IP Protocol Driver
   Windows Management Instrumentation
   WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service
   Network Connectivity Assistant

"IP Helper" service is provided by the svchost.exe program, see "svchost.exe Executable Program on Windows Server 2012" for details.

Disabling "IP Helper" service should not cause any issues on running Windows 2012 Server. If you are not running Windows 2012 Server on a virtual machine, you can disable "IP Helper" to improve system performance and security.


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