Write Script File in Windows PowerShell


How to write a script file in Windows PowerShell to run multiple commands together?

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Writting a script file in Windows PowerShell is easy. You can follow these steps:

1. Open Notepad.

2. Write commands in Notepad with one command per line. For example:

Write-Host "Hello World!"
test-connection www.microsoft.com -count 1 | format-list Address,ResponseTime

3. Save the script to a file called Hello.ps1.

4. Open a Windows PowerShell window.

5. Type in ".\Hello.ps1" at the command prompt. You will see two commands from the script file get executed:

PS C:\fyicenter> .\Hello.ps1

Hello World!

Address      : www.microsoft.com
ResponseTime : 30

If you are getting errors, see the next tutorial on how to fix it.


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