Access Object Properties in Windows PowerShell Scripts


How to access properties of ab object in Windows PowerShell scripts? I know the property name.



If you know the property name of an object, you can access the property value using the "." operator in Windows PowerShell scripts.

For example, if you run the following script:

$dt = Get-Date
$tod = $dt.TimeOfDay

PowerShell will do the following:

  • Run the "Get-Date" cmdlet, which returns a DateTime object that represents the current date and time.
  • Assign the DateTime object to variable $dt.
  • Get the TimeSpan object stored in the "TimeOfDay" property from $dt.
  • Assign the TimeSpan object to variable $tod.
  • Get the double value stored in the "TotalHours" property from $tod.
  • Display the double value, something like 22.4892652493611 (close to 11pm).


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