Logical Operations in Windows PowerShell Scripts


How to use logical (or Boolean) operations in Windows PowerShell scripts? Can I write "$a > 0 AND $a < 10"?

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No, you can not use "$a > 0 AND $a < 10" as a logical operation in Windows PowerShell scripts. You must use PowerShell logical operators given below:

 -and    Logical AND
 -or     Logical OR
 -not    Logical NOT
  !      Logical NOT

Here are some examples of how to use PowerShell comparisonoperators:

$a = 2
$b = 3
"Is a < b and b < 10? "+($a -lt $b -and $b -lt 10)
"Is a < b or b < 10? "+($a -lt $b -or $b -lt 10)
"Is a not < b? "+(-not $a -le $b)
"Is a not < b? "+(! $a -le $b)


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