Out-Host - Standard Output in Windows PowerShell Scripts


How to use the "Out-Host" cmdlet in Windows PowerShell scripts? I want to output information the standard output channel.

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The "Out-Host" cmdlet sends output to the Windows PowerShell host for display. The host displays the output to the PowerShell console.

Because "Out-Host" is the default cmdlet, you do not need to specify it unless you want to use its parameters to change the display settings. In other words, if you write an expression in a command line without giving any cmdlet, "Out-Host" will be automatically used process the expression as the "-InputObject" parameter. So the following 2 commands are identical:

Out-Host -InputObject (Get-Date).ToString()

Of course, "Out-Host" can take a piped object as the "-InputObject" parameter too: So the following 3 commands are identical:

Out-Host -InputObject (Get-Date).ToString()
(Get-Date).ToString() | Out-Host


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