How do I improve the touch sensitivity on my PC


How do I improve the touch sensitivity on my PC

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1. Adjust the pen and touch settings in the Control Panel:
· Swipe in from the right edge and tap Search. Type Control Panel and tap on the search result.
· Tap Hardware and Sound.
· Tap Pen and Touch.
Depending on your device, you may see a variety of tabs, such as Pen Options, Flicks, or Touch. You can adjust the sensitivity of your touch device by adjusting sliders located in these tabs. For example, to adjust the sensitivity of a double-tap on your touch device, on the Touch tab, tap Double-tap, and then tap Settings. Drag the sliders to change the sensitivity. You can test your new settings by double-tapping the graphic at the bottom of window.

2. Calibrate the touch display:
· From the Start screen, type Calibrate.
· Tap Settings, and then Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input.
· Tap the Calibrate button, and follow the tool’s instructions.

3. Cleaning the screen can improve touch sensitivity. Most PC manufacturers recommend turning off the PC and using a microfiber cloth, available at most electronic stores.

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