My Fluenz Spanish software won't work with Windows 8?


My Fluenz Spanish software won't work. It says it installs but it won't run. It freezes at the start up window of the program. It shows an icon in the Start window and a shortcut on the desktop and it is listed under programs under computer but it does not show up in the install/uninstall programs window. Sometimes it says a iml.32.dll file is missing, sometimes that Macromedia is corrupt. The software works on Windows 7. I have tried several times to run it in different compatibility modes, it won't work in any of them on Windows 8. I have tried reinstalling Windows 8. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the Fluenz software. I have tried playing it from the DVD. I have ran troubleshooter several times. Not sure what to try next?

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You can make it run by running it in compatibility mode. Go to the executible (the thing you use to launch it) not the shortcut for it Check run in compatibility for windows 7.

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