Expression Expansion in Strings in Windows PowerShell


What is expression expansion in strings in Windows PowerShell?



Expression expansion in strings is a short-hand of string concatenation operations using the following syntax rule:

When an expression enclosed in parentheses following a $ sign is included in a double-quoted string literal like "... $(expression) ...", it will be replaced with the string representation of the express result.

In other words, the following two expressions are identical:

"Leading text $($a*$b) trailing text."
"Leading text "+($a*$b)+" trailing text."

Here are some good examples of using expression expansion in a string:

PS C:\fyicenter> Write-Host "Current time is $( (Get-Date).TimeOfDay )."
Current time is 19:16:33.4997682.

PS C:\fyicenter> "Firefox virtual memory size = $( (Get-Process Firefox).VirtualMemorySize)."
Firefox virtual memory size = 1175629824.


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