Downloading and Installing Media Player Classic


How To Download and Install Media Player Classic?



If you are looking for a simple open source DVD player application, you can follow this tutorial to download and install "Media Player Classic" for your Windows system.

1. Go to Media Player Classic home page.

2. Click the "Download guliverkli" button. You will see a list of download packages.

3. Locate the package called "Media Player Classic - MPC - March 20, 2006" and click the Download button. The download page shows up.

4. Locate and click on The File Download dialog box comes up.

5. Save the file to C:\temp. The file size should be about 2,172 KB.

6. Unzip C:\temp\ to C:\Progam Files\bin directory. You should see a single file called mplayer.exe with a size of 5,556 KB.

7. Double click on C:\Progam Files\bin\mplayer.exe, you should see the Media Player Classic window like this:
Media Player Classic

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