.IFO - File Extension Used for DVD-Video Information Files


What is the file extension .IFO on a DVD-Video disc?

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.IFO is the file extension used on a DVD-Video information file. An IFO file on a DVD-Video disc serves as an index file to provide information about other files. An IFO file is also called DVD navigation file.

An IFO file is always stored together with a VOB file as a pair with the same file name. For example, VIDEO_TS.IFO and VIDEO_TS.VOB is pair of IFO and VOB files.

On a DVD-Video disc, each IFO file has a backup copy named with an extension of .BUP. For example, VIDEO_TS.BUP is the backup copy of VIDEO_TS.IFO.

DVD player applications reads the IFO file first.

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