Background Process List - Commonly Used Background Processes on Windows Systems


What are the commonly used background processes on Windows systems?



A background process is a program that is running on the system without any user interface. Since most background processes are running invisiblly and quietly on your system, you need to use Task Manager to view them.

Some background processes are very important and must be running to keep the system and some applications running. But there are some background processes are not important, and should be removed from the background process list to save memory.

Some background processes may also present security risk to your system, because they are communicating to Web servers on the Internet without your notice. Those background processes must be removed from the background process list to reduce security risk.

To help you understand background processes and decide which ones can be removed from the background process list to save memory and reduce security risk, team has compiled a list of commonly used background processes with short descriptions and our suggestions if they should be removed.

List of commonly used processes on Windows systems:

Process NameSuggestionCompanyUsage
AccelerometerSt.exeKeepHPDigital accelerometer to park the disk drive
BTStackServer.exeRemoveBroadcomBluetooth stack COM server
BTTray.exeRemoveBroadcomTray bar program to start bluetooth configuration
CLI.exeRemoveATITray bar program to configure ATI graphics cards
csrss.exeKeepMicrosoftClient Server Runtime Server Subsystem
DLG.exeRemoveBVRPDigital Line Detection
DVDLauncher.exeRemoveCyberLinkPowerCinema Resident Program
exec.exeRemoveUnited OnlineNetZero Dialup ZCast
explorer.exeKeepMicrosoftWindows Explorer
FrameworkService.exeKeepMcAfeeFramework service for anti-virus programs
GoogleToolbarNotifier.exeRemoveIntelTo keep Google as the default search engine
hkcmd.exeKeepIntelHotkey driver
HPQTOA~1.EXEKeepHPHpqToaster Module
hpqwmiex.exeKeepHPHP ProtectTools security manager
issch.exeRemoveInstallShieldInstallShield Update Service Scheduler
jusched.exeRemoveSunJava automatic update scheduler
lsass.exeKeepMicrosoftLSA Shell (Export Version)
Mcshield.exeKeepIntelMcAfee anti-virus on-access scanner
msmsgs.exeRemoveMicrosoftMcAfee anti-virus on-access scanner

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