.VOB - File Extension Used for DVD-Video Object Files


What is the file extension .VOB (DVD-Video Object or Versioned Object Base)?

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.VOB is the file extension used for DVD-Video Object Files. A VOB file contains the stream data for a movie formatted as multiplexed video stream, audio streams, and subtitle streams.

The format of a VOB file is MPEG-2 (Moving Picture Experts Group) standardized by ISO as ISO/IEC 13818.

VOB files on a DVD-Video disc are automatically fetched and decoded by the DVD player machine, or DVD player application on a computer.

A stand alone VOB file can be opened and played by DVD player applications like Media Player Classic.

On a DVD movie disc, you may see more that one VOB files, becauses a movie vidoe is usually divided into VOB files with 1,073,709,056 bytes or less.

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