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I'm trying to upload pictures from my Samsung camera and Windows 8 keep saying "Something went wrong and the folder couldn't be created. Try again." after I press import, why won't it import?? I've been trying over and over, different days hoping it will just randomly import my pictures. I do have about 300 pictures I'm trying to import but even after I select only 1 it still doesn't work. Also, when I try and click on my pictures folder it says my pictures fold is no longer working and is safe to delete...? I only had 2 pictures in my library anyway but then again they're still visible when I click on my photos app.

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It looks like you are unable to import photos using photos app and getting an error message ""Something went wrong and the folder couldn't be created. Try again". Is that correct?

1. Are you using photos app to import the photos from Camera?
2. What is the make and model of the Camera?

This issue normally occurs when the pictures folder in library is not accepting the photos that should be added and needs to be repaired.

a. Go to Libraries in Windows Explorer
b. Right-click pictures folder gives you an error.
c. Delete the folder.
d. Right-click on the "Libraries" folder.
e. Select "Restore Default Libraries."

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