Sharing Internet Explorer (IE) favorites


I have several computers. How can I share my Internet Explorer favorites between two computers?

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Favorites, also known as bookmarks, are a convenient way to organize and link to webpages that you visit frequently.

If you use Internet Explorer on several computers, you can easily save your favorites on one computer and import that list onto another computer. If you use both Internet Explorer and another web browsing program, you can keep your favorites synchronized by importing them between programs.

To import or export favorites
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click the Add to Favorites button , and then click Import and Export.
3. Follow the instructions in the Import/Export Wizard.

By default, the Import/Export Wizard creates a standard HTML file named bookmark.htm and saves it in the My Documents folder. When you use the wizard to import your favorites, it will look for that file.


To Share or move favorites from one computer to another, export or copy the Bookmark.htm file to a disk or flash drive. You can then import your favorites from the disk or flash drive to the new computer.

To print your list of favorites, open Bookmark.htm in Internet Explorer and then click the Print button

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