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What to Do When HelpSvc.exe Is Running Out of Control - Using High CPU and Memory?

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If you find your system stops responding, 100% busy running something, for no obvious reason, it is very likely that the HelpSvc.exe is automactially started consuming a large amount of memory and causing the system to use 100% CPU to swap memory to hard disk.

Many users have reported the same problem on the Internet and provided some suggestions to resolve the problem.

1. If your system is 100% busy, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and select "Task Manager". Then go to the "Processes" tab, select HelpSvc.exe entry, and click "End Process". Your system will calm down to normal. Warning: this process may take several minutes to finish, because your system is 100% busy.

2. If your system is 100% busy, press the power button to shut down the system. Warning: this process may cause data loss related to running applications.

3. If you want to reduce the chance for HelpSvc.exe to run again, you can disable the "Help and Support" service. Warning: this service will be turned on again if you run Help and Support again from the Start menu. So don't run "Help and Support" again after disabling the "Help and Support" service.

4. If you are annoyed by the HelpSvc.exe program, you can try to delete this file from the hard disk: C:\windows\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries\HelpSvc.exe. Warning: this process is not recommended. Windows system may re-install HelpSvc.exe automatically.

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