Boosting Performance by Disabling Unnecessary Services on Windows XP Pro Systems - Part II


Summary of suggested services settings for Windows XP Pro SP1 system - Part II



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Service NameStartup TypeUsage Note
IMAPI CD-Burning COM ServiceDisabledUsed to support Windows built-in CD burning function.
Indexing ServiceDisabledUsed to index and share files over local networks.
InstallDriver Table ManagerManualUsed by InstallShield to install new sofware.
Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)DisabledUsed for Internet connetion sharing.
IPSEC ServicesDisabledUsed to manage IP secrity policy.
Logical Disk ManagerManualUsed to detect and monitor new hard disk drives.
Logical Disk Manager Administrative ServiceManualUsed to Configure hard disk drives and volumes.
MessengerDisabledUsed for sending and receicing alert message on the local network.
MS Software Shadow Copy ProviderManualUsed for doing backups.
Net LogonDisabledUsed to support pass-through authentication.
NetMeeting Remote Desktop SharingDisabledUsed by NetMeeting functions.
Network ConnectionsManualNeeded to support network and dial-up connections
Network DDEDisabledUsed for DDE services.
Network DDE DSDMDisabledUsed for DDE services.
Network Location Awareness (NLA)DisabledUsed for Internet Connection Sharing services.
NT LM Security Support ProviderDisabledUsed to provide security to RPC programs.
Performance Logs and AlertsDisabledUsed to collect performance data over local networks.
Plug and PlayAutomaticUsed to support plug and play devices.
Portable Media Serial NumberDisabledUsed to retrieve serial number of music players.
Print SpoolerManualNeeded for supporting printing functions.
Protected StorageAutomaticUsed to protect sensitive data.
QoS RSVPDisabledUsed to optimize performance on slow Internet connections.
Remote Access Auto Connection ManagerManualUsed to manage Internet connections.
Remote Access Connection ManagerManualUsed to manage Internet connections.
Remote Desktop Help Session ManagerDisabledUsed for on-line remote assistance.
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)AutomaticUsed to support Remote Procedure Call (RPC).
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) LocatorManualUsed to support Remote Procedure Call (RPC).
Remote RegistryDisabledAllows other computers to modify your computer registry.
Removable StorageManualUsed to manage removal devices like CD drives.
Routing and Remote AccessDisabledUsed to route network services.

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